Arif Bandali

Hi, you've found Arif. I build software for the web and mobile, and am a big advocate of startups.

My Work

Until its acquisition in early 2019, I was a partner at Codetree, providing project and issue tracking software for teams writing code. I founded Arbour Medical, a software product that optimizes billing for Canadian Family Physicians. I also consult with teams that are looking to build and grow early to mid-stage technology businesses.

I'm a full stack dev with 15 years experience writing code with a bunch of experience managing product as well. I'm pragmatic with a focus on speed and iteration rather than on being a purist with a big unveil at the end. Get something out early that stakeholders can see and play with, then adjust. I like to think of myself as someone you can count on to properly define your problem and then, with minimal oversight, make it go away.

Recently, I've written more React Native targeting mobile than anything else. The framework I use most often to build back-ends is Rails. If possible, to save time and money, I'll keep the front-end in Rails too. However, with the rise of client-side frameworks and single page apps, I'll often use Rails strictly as an API. Client-side, I've built apps in React and other JavaScript frameworks.

I've got plenty of experience in DevOps, leveraging tooling that allows for continuous integration and delivery and also in moving infrastructure to code, allowing servers to be duplicated in repeatable ways.

Some of my client work:


I live in Vancouver, British Columbia and was born and raised across the country in Toronto, Ontario. I have a Bachelor's degree in Computer Science from McGill University in Montreal and an MBA from Rotman, University of Toronto. Ski, golf, tennis, basketball. I'm game for most activities and sports if they take place in the beauty outdoors.

Please get in touch, I'd love to hear from you. Email is probably best,